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The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia (CPAA) is the national body representing the interests of the concrete pumping industry within Australia.  The CPAA provides a strong, unified and respected voice for the concrete pumping industry across Australia whilst working to improve the professionalism, safety, standards and performance of the industry it represents.
Our mission is to improve the standing of the industry by informing and educating our members through the provision of valuable advice as well as relevant products and services. An increasingly important role of the CPAA is to represent the concrete pumping industry to Australian governments and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes for members in terms of the sustainability of the industry and the safety of employees.

News Updates

Draft Australian Standards for all things Cranes is now open for Public Comment


You can view the draft and any incoming comments through The Pump Line blog after entering your Standards Hub login details.  All comments are to be submitted on the Standards Hub.

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Back to Basics III - Concrete mix design, pumping practices and MRTS70 specification updates


In this seminar, speakers will provide information on concrete mix designing, proper pumping practices and an update on MRTS70. The presenters will explore the process of creating a concrete mix to meet specification for various applications, including trade-offs of performance vs prescriptive specification detail.

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Is finance not your strong suit? The CPAA can help


If managing the financial side of business isn’t your strong suit, the CPAA can help. Working together with trusted advisors, Banyan Co and Profit Soup, we are on a mission to identify, measure and effectively share the critical business metrics for our industry.

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Combating Silica Dust: "The biggest lung disease crisis since asbestos"


Concerns over workplace injury and accidents for construction workers have always been front of mind, however, an ultra-fine dust known as silica dust is quickly becoming known as the most serious danger. Whilst it is incredibly harmful and potentially life-threatening, exposure is 100% preventable. Kärcher has introduced upgraded version of its NT Tact class vacuums and is helping spread the message of the dangers of silica dust to prevent more lung-related diseases. 

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