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The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia (CPAA) is the national body representing the interests of the Concrete Pumping industry within Australia.  The CPAA provides a strong, unified and respected voice for the concrete pumping industry across Australia whilst working to improve the professionalism, safety, standards and performance of the industry it represents.
Our mission is to improve the standing of the industry by Informing and Educating our members through the provision of valuable advice as well as relevant products and services. An increasingly important role of the CPAA is to represent the concrete pumping industry to Australian governments and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes for members in terms of the sustainability of the industry and the safety of employees.

News Updates

eLogbook Update 1.2.65


We have recently released an update for the eLogbook for Android and iOS that adds a 6 month Graph for the monthly pipline checks and the average monthly thickness decline statsitic over 6 months. So you can better predict how quickly your pipelines will degrade.  

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eLogbook Usage Report


Since the eLogbook was released in October last year we have had 46 businesses come onboard to use the app. Thank you to all the members for their continued the support and feedback on the eLogbook and the Concrete Pumping Association...

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2019 - A Year in Review


2019 in Review.

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Changes To The Queensland Code Of Practice


The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia (CPAA) is disappointed with the “Concrete Pumping Code of Practice 2019” in particular the review process managed by QOiR. 

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